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When it comes to your brand, you need to partner with a mobile team who value their work as much as you value yours.

A handful of brands who trust Locassa with their app development

Why many brands get it wrong

They Use the Wrong Technology

When it comes to app development there are quite a few technologies available to choose from, and the approach you choose can have a drastic effect on the quality of your final product. It's vitally important to understand the differences in these technologies when choosing the right approach for your brand, as the quality does not follow the price as you might expect. The chart below shows the increasing quality level offered by each approach with bespoke native offering the best quality experience and reliability when done well. Choosing wisely is a crucial first step for your product.

They Get Poor Value for Money

When looking at the same technologies against price, you will see that certain low end technologies, wrapped web for instance, whilst being a low quality option, often ends up being one of the most expensive, offering very poor value for money. The best value for a quality product is found with bespoke native. Those less concerned about quality and with a low budget should look at mobile web. Ensure you are not paying a premium price for a low quality option; we work with bespoke native products with brands that value the integrity of their message.

Why these leading brands trust us with their projects

Our Background

We craft exclusive, engaging apps and supporting platforms for our brands. With a strong heritage in enterprise level development, we're not just another mobile media agency or group of app developers. By bringing enterprise level quality and process to the mobile sector, our products not only look exquisite, but they stand up to the scrutiny of your customers and ours.

As a small team of highly talented designers, user experience professionals and developers, we know the mobile sector better than most; that's why we're rated so highly. The brands we work with demand the the most progressive and high quality products and quite simply, that's what we create. If you've worked hard to build your brand, you want to work with a company who values that ethos as much as you do. It's our founding principle.

Our Skillset

We work with the following technologies and platforms to deliver client apps and supporting server-side services.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • Wordpress
  • The Cloud


To produce amazing work you need amazing people and we have some of the best individuals working in the UK today. We never outsource our work; our entire creative and technical team is based at our offices here in London.

We truly believe that communication is key to a successful app development project and you can't realistically achieve that if the team you're working with aren't in the same timezone.


You know your business, your customers and your idea. We know mobile, usability and great design. The combination of these is what creates beautiful products.

We work with you, not for you, to create dynamic products which takes the best of our expertise and tailors it specifically to you, your customers and your business sector. Creating exclusive mobile experiences just can't be achieved without this close working relationship.


Being both creative and technical, we have extensive experience in creating unique products for our clients which not only stand out visually but are technically engineered to enterprise standards.

We work within your brand guidelines to design and develop your mobile app or platform. We closely monitor usage and feedback to ensure further iterations of the product continue to produce the results you seek.

So what does quality look like?

Our products are crafted with great usability and experience in mind. We develop apps how we would want to use them, ensuring that our clients products work better and smoother than the competition and are products end users can't help sharing with each other.

And what are the results?

Our Brands App Reviews

SessionBand Jazz

Absolutely incredible app, an essential for all jazz lovers and musicians and well worth every penny. Have already told many friends about it and would recommend to anyone!

GetConnected App

Easy to use and very helpful - a great source for young people to find out where they can get help or advice. Great video with a very poignant and clear message.

Learn English with Busuu

My son is 5 years old and loves this app! He has been speaking his first English words only after a few minutes of playing! Worth every cent! Well done!

BFPO Postal App

Uncluttered screens, well presented information and extremely well laid out. It is certainly intuitive to use and there are several different ways to search for information.

Our Service

We searched long and hard to find the right team of developers for our series of iOS apps.  Locassa were a great choice. As specialists for iPhone and iPad app development, they were able to add immense value to our projects and continue to go the extra mile on our behalf. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the whole team. - Martin Sissons, UK Music Apps

For me, the app development world is similar to the early days of the web - there's lots of people doing it, but very few who do it really well. Locassa not only understand how to design fantastic mobile and touchscreen apps, they also bring spectacular ideas and acute business acumen to the table; a rare and valuable combination. - Henry Playfoot, Stealth Education

Their service was extremely fast, reliable and intelligent. They rapidly built an app that exceeded our expectations; using their knowledge of the market to make intelligent suggestions throughout, meaning that the finished app was better than we had envisaged. - Camilla Young, TwoFour

So what now?

Contact us today to see how we can help ensure your brand stays strong when you are developing for mobile.